Question about spritesheets and custom plugins

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  • I know construct 2 sometimes exports animations by building sprite-sheets, as i've read in this blog post.

    From what i understood, spritesheet exporting is hardcoded to only happen with sprites when a game is exported, and third party plugins that use the animation editor will still export a series of images. My question is if this has changed, and if i'm understanding things right. I really don't want / can't have the images exported as a spritesheet for my particular purposes, so i need to make sure it will never happen.

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  • Anyone have any idea? It has to work for webgl mode specifically, as my plugin only works with webgl.

  • The options are Ashley adds something, make your own plug, or load the images via url, still needs dummy frames however.

  • The only thought that comes to mind is to try using pf_animations in a plugin and export to see if a spritesheet is generated.

  • so far when i've tried that i've gotten seperate frames as seperate images, but i haven't used C2 extensively enough to know if there's some threshold or particular number/combination of frames/animations/framesizes that triggers it to start exporting sprite-sheets.

  • Did a quick test and yes, sprite sheets are made for all plugins using pf_animations. On a side note it appears that only non-square power of two images are sprite sheeted. I first tried three 32x32 frames but on export they each stayed on their own image, also the sprite object did the same. I then resized them to 16x32 and the export did pack the images into sprite sheets.

  • Gah thats annoying, guess ill need to find some work around by parsing images to separate textures.

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