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  • (edit: just realize that "ran" variable was declared just above the if statement, and added it in.)

    I just found a block of code in the Function object's runtime that seems to log info to the browser's(?) console when the game is in preview mode.

    // Note: executing fast trigger path based on
    var ran = this.runtime.trigger(cr.plugins_.Function.prototype.cnds.OnFunction, this,;
    // In preview mode, log to the console if nothing was triggered
    if (isInPreview && !ran)
    	log("[Construct 2] Function object: called function '" + name_ + "', but no event was triggered. Is the function call spelt incorrectly or no longer used?", "warn");
    What do "isInPreview" and "!ran" represent here? I have a guess, but I haven't come across "isInPreview" in the SDK documentation, though I might have just missed them.
    Is this method of logging safe to implement as a third-party plugin developer, or is it a special case thing. 
    Any weird pitfalls to be aware of? 
    Just curious. Thanks.
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  • hum, guy, if you just want to log some info, just use the "Log" action of the browser object ^^

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