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  • Hi,

    I'd like to explore Javascript programming to better interconnect a quiz game i am working on with a database.

    Is there a IDE that is a good match for developing plugins. Also, is there a way to get autocomplete working with working with C2 API objects, so one can learn more quickly what functions are available.

    Finally, (if i am already at it) can a plugin be loaded automatically for the whole project, once installed. Thats a feature i probably need to get database interconnection working.

    thank you,


  • Any good IDE for javascript should work for you. It is really a matter of preference, here is an article covering some of them, though the IDE itself won't make you a better javascript programmer, you still need to know the language well in order to take advantage of any of the IDE's...

    Infoworld JavaScript IDE comparison

  • Notepad++ does the trick for me. It has word autocompletion which is pretty good by itself - IDEs with proper autocomplete like Visual Studio still have a hard time inferring which objects you're using because it's an untyped language.

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  • I use Sublime Text 2

  • Personally I'm also using Notepad++. Some will prefer Sublime Text 2.

    If you have FlashDevelop installed for one of purposes, it provides similar functionality, providing syntax highlighting and word completion.

    Otherwise, Visual Studio is pretty much a king among the free tools in terms of amount of intellisense it grants.

    WebStorm is also good enough, but costs money (possibly making it less interesting target if you're after making a single plugin for now).

  • Thank you for all the responses.

    I am pretty new to JavaScript. The template files don't seem to refer to the base "construct 2 API" library. I was thinking that a reference to the library would be needed to get in an IDE auto-complete working for construct 2 API objects, methods and properties.

    Is this how you guys work?



  • Netbeans

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