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  • I am trying to use an API to retreive some xml data from a server, i need to post three pieces of data to the url. it tried the code below but it ALWAYS gives the error (i.e unsuccesfull), any ideas where im going wrong. im quite new to javascript

    ?function getinfo()


       var httpc = new XMLHttpRequest(); // simplified for clarity


       var pdata = 'api_key=b9d57f3fbf2faa8d607ad2f46178ab153cc08b45&game_id=k4scvKUW5&response=XML';//i have used wrong values for security


       httpc.onreadystatechange = function ()


        if (httpc.readyState === 4)


         if (httpc.status === 200)






          alert('There was a problem with the request!!.');





           ?"POST", "", true); // sending as POST

        httpc.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");

        httpc.setRequestHeader("Content-Length", pdata.length); // POST request MUST have a Content-Length header (as per HTTP/1.1)


    };edited><editID>rafhelp</editID><editDate>2012-03-20 04:10:37</editDate></edited>

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  • I am not skilled enough yet to help you on your script, but why don't you just use the Plugin that is already available?

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