Is it possible to make editor plugins?

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  • I've been through the entire dev forum but I still am not sure. I've read that Ashley wanted to extend the capabilities of the SDK but I don't know what happened with that idea.

    Just to be clear, is it possible for a plugin create instances of an object edittime?

  • Multiple instances?

    The process is designed for one instance at a time, and even adding multiple objects like Spriter does is a bit contrived.

    So the answer would be no, it would have to be done manually.

  • Yes, multiple instances. I've been looking at the Spriter plugin but I can't find where the magic is.

    What I want is something "simple": parse a json with references to objects and positions and recreate them in the layout view.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction (if it exists)?

  • If it were for at runtime it would be as simple as a loop in the on start of layout. Of course a custom editor would be best for that.

    Otherwise the closest example might be the tilemap plug, but I think that is a single instance.

  • A plugin for editor is very cool. I really like this idea. For example , a hex grid tool, and more ...

  • It's a good idea but not supported and would be a very significant amount of work. Spriter has special code in the editor to support importing, it's not part of the plugin.

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  • Thanks for the answers!

    I hope that plugins for the editor gets in the features queue. It would extend C2 capabilities amazingly

  • special code in the editor

    Could we get rid of this, please? Sorry for being insistent, but this sort of thing is the antithesis of the modularity afforded by plugins.

    It would be unthinkable if the platformer object used "special code in the editor", even if it were to solve many problems. If this goes on much longer, a ton of plugins will start getting "special code in the editor", and developers will lose autonomy, having to rely on you to produce any plugin/behavior more complicated than trivial stuff.

    This lack of integration with the editor should be solved via the SDK, not via "special code".

    Again, sorry for being so insistent.

  • A bit arrogant don't you think to 'insist' the creator of a product should do as you require?

  • What? When I apologize for being insistent, I don't mean I'm demanding the feature, but rather that I am sorry that I keep bringing it up. It's implied that Ashley can do whatever he wants and I have no power over it. This is just a request.

  • It's not architecturally feasible to have an editor plugin SDK at the moment, so we implement things like Spriter support with custom code out of necessity. It would be better even for us if we could split it off in to a separate module, but that's not on the cards right now.

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