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  • I'm trying to write a plugin which receives three parameters: width, height and a reference to an array.

    I have an action which, based on width and height, should manipulate the array. However, I can't figure out how to write to the array.

    I tried

    Acts.prototype.Generate = function (width, height, array)
       array.set(2, 3, 44);
    which doesn't work, as 'array' doesn't expose the array methods.
    What I am missing?
  • Unfortunately, you cant pass an array as a parameter as C2 does not support passing objects such as arrays, vectors etc... . For now you can only pass ints, floats, strings, instances or keyboard virtual keys.

  • Here is a plugin to reset official array by a csv string.

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  • X3M Thank you, I see. I ended up forking the official array plugin and adding the needed functionality with a new method. Neither elegant nor clean, but it does the job.

    rexrainbow I tried to understand in the code how you link to the array, but it seems to be beyond my JS skills... Thank you anyway, I hop to find some time to study the source code of your plugins, I guess I can learn a lot.

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