Phonegap plugin to a Construct 2 Plugin

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  • Hello ,

    I have an issue i want to use a phonegap plugin (Events & action ... etc) in building an application using C2

    Actually it is a phonegap plugin downloaded it from github (with www , src , package .... files) it is a cordova compatible plugin >> it is called "WifiWizard"

    and i downloaded the C2 plugin template from here (runtime.js , edittime.js files) from site

    but i don't know actually where to find expressions , actions , parameters .. in phonegap plugin file and finally i can't convert it to C2 plugin because i am a beginner in such an issue

    Any suggestions ??

    Thanks in advance

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  • Ashley

  • You'll need to learn Javascript first. This is not a suitable project for a beginner.

  • So , there isn't any already completed plugin for this purpose ?!?

  • If you can't find it, then no, I guess.

  • I Searched for wifi plugins and i found wifi plugins compatible with cordova in website but i don't know how to use them with C2 or how to convert them to C2 extensions

    Any suggestions ?

  • Someone would need to build an interface(plugin) to interact with the phonegap plugin. The plugin your referring to would actually stay right on github. The construct 2 plugin would just grab the info it needs right from GitHub phonegap plugin. Using a github plugin over one hosted on npm servers would require you to make an adjustment to the config.xml file at export though(not overly difficult, just annoying to remember).

    before tackling a phonegap plugin, read through the sdk manual and maybe get the hang Of it by building a simpler plugin. Maybe one that has an action that just calculates two numbers and returns them as an expression.

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