Performance improvements with R144

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  • Ashley

    orm controls (Text Box, Button and List) engine CPU usage now significantly reduced, especially when using lots of controls.ould you tell me how did you improve the performance with these controls?

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  • They used to make jQuery and DOM calls every tick even if they weren't moving or changing. I was surprised how much CPU this consumed in some browsers, I thought it would be more efficient. Now a form control that isn't moving doesn't make any jQuery or DOM calls.

  • Ashley

    I think this broke compatibility with cocoonjs Launcher. I still have Jquery error in R144.2 with cocoonJs launcher when test via wifi. If I exported to zip file it is ok. Strange right?

  • tumira - form controls have never been supported in CocoonJS.

  • Ashley

    Sorry for that. But Ludei did add partial support for DOM element in CocoonJS( maybe since version 1.3). So I taught that if you change something about how the DOM element works it might causes the JQuery bug that I have since R144.

    Copy paste from ludei

    v 1.3

    Improved HTML parser.

    DOM structure is read and created now although styled divs are not rendered. You can specify the canvas tag now and even put it inside a div tag. Ludei also supports an attribute for the main canvas to be a screen canvas by putting the attribute screencanvas=?true? to the canvas tag (it won't affect the execution on any regular non-CocoonJS browser)

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