New to Construct 2 but very good with JavaScript

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  • Hello, so I just started using construct today because I joined a team that's using it. But I'm quite good at just javascript alone and rather leave as much of the construct overhead to the rest of the team as I can.

    So what I'm asking is: are they any limitations to what you can do in the Javascript sdk, like can or how do you access other instances from custom plugin's or behaviours?

    What I mean is if I have an instance of say a cat, can I program it's behaviour to detect whether there's a dog with coordinates near it's own?

    Also, where do I go to learn more about construct's api: I'm seeing a lot of global functions and methods being called from the "cr" object

  • There are really no limitations except those of javascript, and html.

    Above where it says Manual there's the sdk documentation

    As far as your detection thing it can done via events using a little system knowledge of "for each", and distance(), or if you must have a behavior the Line of Sight behavior will do the same. Might check that out.

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  • spleen387 You may find yourself in a useful situation as there are many API's out there for third party publishing portals that need plugins created in JavaScript.

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