Need Help on Finishing RevMob mobile web plugin

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  • Hi

    This is my second plugin that I'm developing. The problem now is that based from the documentation

    <script type="text/javascript">
        var REVMOB_CONFIG = { id: "copy your RevMob Mobile Website ID here", disable_auto_fullscreen: true };
    </script>  <-- I always get "[RevMob] ReferenceError: REVMOB_CONFIG is not error"
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script>  <-- I believed that the only way to do this is to load the js runtime which I already done. Am I correct ?[/code:31j75r26]
    Currently the only way to fix "REVMOB_CONFIG error" this is to put the var REVMOB_CONFIG.... in the index.html which I think is not really secure and even elegant. People can just rip your games and replace the id easily with their own. (at least I want to make it harder for people to do this)
    So how can I do this correctly ? Did I declare the variable in a wrong place ?
    Attached is the files for the plugin. It is almost done (90% ?)  except the "Link" function. I think we can just do "Sprite" on touched "RevMob.openLink()" ?
    Anybody help me please.
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  • Try like this it is working but in my local it is hanging.

    var REVMOB_CONFIG={[0], disable_auto_fullscreen: true };

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