Modifying a list from another plugin

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  • I am developing a JWebsocket plugin that I intend to use for a multiplayer game.

    The plugin receives a list of users who are online.

    My aim is to take this list of users and put these users into a "constructs 2 list".

    Now i dont know how to set the elements of the list from within my plugin.

    here's what I want to do:

    Acts.prototype.PopulateUserList = function ()


              this.userarray = [];

              if (!this.websocketClient)


              console.log("Got user list into constructs runtime")



              this.userList = this.websocketClient.fetchUserList();

              for (var i=0;i<this.userList.length;i++)





                     // Now I want to access the list which i have created

                     // and populate it with userarray


                     // Basically something like this.runtime.list ?


    Any suggestions or help is highly appreciated.

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  • Ok let me simplify.

    From within one plugin, how can I get reference to another plugin object, and call one of its actions ?

    Also how do I pass parameters for that action ?


  • You should not do this, in principle. Simply expose the data from your plugin, and allow users to display it where they want via the event system.

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