Limits of the Javascript SDK

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  • Hello all,

    sorry if the question already got answered, but I searched the last 20 minutes for it and did not find anything about it.

    First of all, a little bit about me, iam working as a Software Developer and in my spare time i develop 2d games with unity at the moment. But if you work already 8 hours for your company and starring 8 hours on c# code there is no motivation to do it in your spare time and so i came across Construct 2.

    Iam really close to the decision to buy a C2 license, but before i would like to know if there are any limitations

    on the javascript sdk from the technically site not from the personal(knowledge or something).

    best regards,


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  • Why not just download the free version, download the SDK and have a play around. You will probably answer your own questions much quicker that way, and it hasn't cost you a penny.

    It might aid you also by perusing the SDK Manual and SDK refernce sections.

    After that, having a browse through the 'Extending Construct 2' section will show you that their are limitations to what you can do with the SDK, but it is still extremely useful.

  • Technically, the SDK is JavaScript, so any limitation JavaScript has is a limitation you might hit with the SDK.

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