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  • I've got a publisher that wants to install a splash-screen and a 'More Games' button into my game and this requires a couple of API's, but I have no idea where to start. There are 3 files, 'Fla', 'Swc' and 'swf' (Flash, something, Shockwave Flash?). Possibly the same file in different formats?

    Anyway, how do I get started with this? Anyone know where I can read a tutorial or something to get me on track?

  • It sounds like they assumed you are making games using Flash. Tell them you're making HTML5 games instead.

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  • I told them that. I wasn't sure if it was possible to add Flash api's into the finished exported code or something?

  • Flash is a different technology entirely. You could possibly embed a .swf to the HTML page if you wanted, but there's not much point for mobile, since very few mobile browsers support Flash at all.

  • It's only for desktop but I don't know the coding, so it'll be hard work. He only wants a splash-screen and 'More Games' button so I'm thinking it'd be easier to just code them in if he'd be happy for both to just point to his main games page (browser - go to url option should do the trick).

  • farflamex

    you can try this plugin:

  • Looks like this might do the trick, it looks very good. Is there any documentation? I'm not sure what the link section is, presumably a direct web link to the file? Meaning I'll need to host the file somewhere seperately from the installed game?

    Never mind, I've just realised there's a demo too, I can see how it works from there. Looks excellent, good job

  • I don't suppose there's a way that I can get information back from the SWF file is there? It links and works fine, but there's a 'Start' button on it. I'd like my program to be able to react to that and close the window, then hop into my game? Probably asking a bit much, but let me know if it's possible

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