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  • For my plugin, I would like to have some defaults images (for ui, as arrow, etc.) but I would like that when the user will export (or preview) his project, images will automatically put in the exported project folder.

    Hopefully I'm clear ;)

  • I don't think it's the best solution though.

    I prefer having images in a different folder on export (just a matter of taste).

    I wouldn't mind having another folder "UI" for the images of your plugin if/when I use it, but I'd find it less "clean" if I had to put up with said images in my main folder.

    Again, it is just a matter of taste.

  • I'd also like to be able to pick the folder included files get exported to.

    For now, the only way I know (other than remote loading which has its own problems) is the dependency property.

    See the facebook plugin edittime for a usage example.

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  • Thanks both but I wasn't clear.

    I don't find my words in english, sorry.

    I would like add in my plugins folder some default images (for ui).

    Then, I would like construct 2 picks these images from my plugin folder and add them to the exported folder (and if it possible, when user preview his project too).

    In fact, that's the same thing that dependency property does. It picks the dependency file and use it to preview/export.

    If I'm not clear, I'll write a french message to Kyatric ;)

  • I think it cleared it. I was only thinking about the export perspective and how to store images at that point.

    But indeed, for preview, etc... it would need an accessible folder.

    In the end, why simply not add the image in the folder of the plugin itself (along the 4 usual .js files)

    That could very well be the simpler, wouldn't it ? Or maybe even a folder in that folder to keep things organized.

    Thoughts ?

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