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  • I seem to have deleted my old facebook plugin from my desktop and I can't remember how I got the third_pary_id that facebook has. Says I need the access token which is where I'm currently having a brain meltdown. Here's where I think it goes in the current plugin:

    FB.getLoginStatus(function(response) {

                        if (response["authResponse"])


                             fbUserID = response["authResponse"]["userID"];

                             log("User ID = " + fbUserID);




    And here is what I think goes into it somehow:

    if (response.authResponse) {


                } else {

                   // do something...maybe show a login prompt


    How do I add this in so I can make field calls to the graph api? I think I can mange the expression part I just need help plugging in the access token so I can assign i to a var.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


  • Would it be the following?

    varname = response["authResponse"]["accessToken"];

    and if so what exactly does the log line do?

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  • Ashley,

    The above comment was the correct way to get the accesstoken in case you want to add it in a future build. I just added an expression and variable for the above and it works fine. :) Now to figure out the third party field thing.

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