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  • Hi, first, excuse me for my bad english.

    This is my first plugin and I get lot of difficulties. The Plugin is to do transactions with Stripe (, so I must have one action called 'Buy' with this parameters :Test Published Key or Live Published Key(You can find this parameters in your dashboard) , Amount, Currency, short description, Product name, Image Url (to load the 'logo' of the product). I have to do 2 conditions : on transaction failed, on transaction succeced. You can see examples and documentation on (You can test button "pay with card" here

    So my I meet difficulties to do the runtime.js script. I don't request to do the script for me but just help me with comments, indications, ways...

    Thanks !

    (PS : Stripe is better than PayPal because the transaction fees are lows)

  • I'm in contact with Stripe developers. Please can you only set up the action and the conditions in the runtime.js Script like this :

    if{//Buy ---> You do this

    //Action --> I will try to do this


    if{//Condition --->I will try to do this

    //Action --> You do this (set 'transaction succeced' true)

    //Action --> You do this (set 'transaction failed' false)


    else {

    //Action --> You do this (set 'transaction succeced' false)

    //Action --> You do this (set 'transaction failed' false)


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  • Stripe vs PayPal transaction fee comparison chart <link for chart>

    Volume / month Stripe PayPal Standard

    $500 ----------------- $22 ------------ $22

    $1000 ---------------- $44 ------------ $44

    $2500 ---------------- $110 ------------ $110

    $5000 ---------------- $220 ------------ $220

    there is no difference as price actually Paypal is the cheapest payment processor you will find if you calculate as a business or personal even on big amounts over 5k ...the only downside with Paypal is they keep your funds locked down till they get verified usually between 30-90 days... if you have funds above 5k, for under 5k they have a pending time around 30 days.

    there is no point in doing stripe... unless you have large amounts of targeted users from areas as Bangladesh or countries that Paypal is not available for.

    the only cheapest processor is Chase... which you dont get to use for unless you are a USA business or UK

  • I have products of 1$ only. Stripe suggest fee of ≈10%/transaction || PayPal suggest ≈(1,4%+0,25$)/transaction

  • I have products of 1$ only. Stripe suggest fee of ˜10%/transaction || PayPal suggest ˜(1,4%+0,25$)/transaction

    for micro transactions Paypal have updated their fees.. where they dont charge you anymore 1.4% and 0.25$, its lower now. just 0.11 cents per transaction no more % .

    paypal calculator fees

    press the advanced info... on micro-transactions its 0.11 now no more % of the total amount... however you have to contact paypal... and ask them how you can get eligible for the app or how to setup your app in order that the micro transactions that will come to be charged 0.11$ and not the 1.4%+the 0.25$ transaction fee.

    you might need to integrate your app with their micro transaction SDK... was looking at their stuff a long time ago...around 6 months ago... you need to contact them to be sure. its easy just open a ticket..they are pretty fast.

    so with Paypal.. if your price is 1 USD per product.. you will be charge 0.11$ as a merchant.. and you gain 0.89 cents. unless you charge 1.15 USD and then u get 1.04

  • Thanks for the paypal calculator fees and the suggestions.

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