Fixing objects pasted with multiple FX

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  • Using canvas or paster, if you try to paste a sprite or another canvas/paster object with multiple FX, the output image only will have the sprites/objects with last FX added.

    The code that R0J0hound uses in their plugin is the same as C2runtime uses as Eren says, but we can't find the fix for none of them.

    A screenshot from Eren where he thinks is the problem:

    Somebody knows how to fix it?


  • With canvas there is no solution. It uses a non webgl canvas which doesn’t use effects.

    For paster it is indeed copied from the c2 runtime, but it is modified to draw to a rectangle instead of the whole screen. Shortcuts were taken for some of the more elaborate parts of drawing effects. For one the effect parameters just use some default values instead of proper calculated values. And two, it just ignored how multiple effects were applied. As I recall the runtime would do some framebuffer juggling to draw the effect to a texture, then take that texture and draw the next effect to another, and so on.

    Anyways the c2 runtime does it with some temporary screen sized textures. Paster object’s can be any size, and we’d need temporary textures of the same size. So I had three possible solutions. Doubling or tripling the vram per instance, dynamically creating the temp textures, or some hybrid approach to try and reuse textures between multiple instances.

    Or the short version, it’s a missing feature that would require a full solution to be written.

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  • Hi R0J0hound , thanks for the comment.

    About canvas Eren fixed and now we have a version that allow effects and works in the same way that paster on runtime and the same problems on export. Also he added fill path with gradient/texture,etc... but this FX things seems is too complex.

    So, hope somebody with JS skills can fix the problem. In case is a big task, i'm willing to pay.

    I recently launched my Vector Drawing app made with C2:

    And well, the ability to use effects/shaders will give a lot of options for creativity, speed up some work and add cool things.

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