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  • Am I doing something wrong?

    In preview it works, but when export, the json contents it´s not showed in the line marked below.

    Acts.prototype.LoadAddress = function (zipcode){
          var request = new XMLHttpRequest();
    		request.open('GET', '//viacep.com.br/ws/'+zipcode+'/json/', true);
    		request.onload = function() {
    			cr.logexport(request.status); // 200
    			if (request.status >= 200 && request.status < 400) {
    				cr.logexport(request.responseText); // show json content
    				this.dataJson = JSON.parse(request.responseText);
    		----> cr.logexport(this.dataJson.logradouro); // undefined when exported[/code:1yldme68]
    Demo: [url]http://kiduca.com/frc/zipcodePlugin/[/url]
    When click in "Find address", the form should be loaded with the address from zip code.
  • Is there a better way to get json content inside a plugin that works when exported or is common to use JSON.parse(request.responseText)?

  • Maybe the issue came from minify. Try request["responseText"]. BTW, this.dataJson might be wrong, try self.dataJson. Sure it needs var self=this;

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  • Nope.

    self.dataJson = JSON["parse"](request["responseText"]);
    first line returns
      "cep": "18061-000",
      "logradouro": "Rua Humberto de Campos",
      "complemento": "",
      "bairro": "Jardim Zulmira",
      "localidade": "Sorocaba",
      "uf": "SP",
      "ibge": "3552205",
      "gia": "6695"
    Second line returns "Object {}"
    Fourty line returns "undefined"
    Works in preview, but not when exported for HTML5
  • cr.logexport(self.dataJson["logradouro"])

    The reason is equal to request["responseText"].

    obj.name after minify will become obj.a for example, uses obj["name"] to prevent name changing.

  • Yep!

    Thanks rexrainbow!

  • [quote:h2netk0l]"The main thing is to always use dot syntax (Object.property) rather than bracket syntax (Object["property"]) in your own code. All properties using dot syntax are changed by Closure Compiler, but none of the properties in bracket syntax are changed."


    Is it telling to always use dot syntax or I misundestood??

    I remember that i´ve read somewhere about it (the reason I´m using dot).

    The same time that it tells to use just dot syntax, the next sentence tells that dot syntax is changed when minified but bracket syntax not.

  • Properties only used inside engine/plugins could be dot syntax (Object.property), otherwise use bracket syntax (Object["property"]) -- For example, read properties of an object which came from a JSON string , or network, or call external javascript function call.

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