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  • I feel like C2 is currently lacking a lot of features for plugin developers with regards to the edittime. I'm constantly trying to make my plugins more user friendly and simpler to interact with through the edittime, and continually hit roadblocks which prevent me from doing anything to that end because of the current lack of features implemented into the edittime sdk.

    For these reasons i though we could all come together and suggest features which we would like to eventually see added to SDK, compiled into a neat wishlist. Hopefully scirra will see it and at least implement some of them so that we can extend construct more-so than we already are. I added some features i'd like to see and will edit the thread to summarize what people are posting. Please write the feature you'd like to see with a short description that will fit on one or two lines.

    Edittime Wishlist

    - "Object Type" properties

    ***The ability to set properties which are global to a specific type, rather than specific instance of that type

    - Ability to detect mouse events and position in the layout editor

    ***for example to implement custom click to drag controls

    - Ability to create custom windows for setting properties

    ***Object with many properties end up with a giant disorganized list in the current system, extra GUI control could go a long way

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    • EditTime.js Update with ctx

    The ability to draw during edit time. Such as directional arrows or lines that connect objects. Such as the ability to draw lines between objects to show the link between objects.

    • Editime easier access to instances and roots.

    Such as the ability to get lists of the same object so that line can be drawn between them easier.

    • EditTime Mouse input control

    Ability to detect MouseDown/Up, Press with location.

    -EditTime Widgets

    Editime.js on a plugin can register a object for mouse presses. Ie the ability to have drag handles to for lines to be drawn between objects.

    • Customized drawing boxes.

    Ability draw on a CTX. Such as the ability to draw a multi point bezier curve.

    • Object Referencing instead of UID or building SOL every time

    Ability for Plugins to hold a direct reference to an object. And I can drag the object in quest to the reference. Kinda like a direct UID, but the object not the UID to get from an SOL.

    • EditTime to create objects

    In the edit time code that an Object of x type can be created within the js of an Edit Time plugin.

    • Runtime easy access to Plugin ACEs

    I'm working on an advanced Audio features. I want to take advantage of the solid plugin already for it's cross platform. However access AudioPlugin is a headache. There should be easy ways to access the Plugin and make ACE calls. I already manage this, but there is no official SDK manual to learn this.

    • I'm sure I have more. I just can't think of them right now.
    • Dropping C2 current IDE back end for a new C2 IDE back end that is cross platform and can actually do these suggestions. Then call it Construct 3. Unfortunately Ashley seems to have the same desire to allow these suggested features. But the IDE back-end seems to be not flexible enough.
  • Plus one. But most important I thought is to import (merge) capx into project.

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