Construct 2 + React Native... Possible?

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  • At present we have HTML5 based export options for Construct 2 games. While this approach somewhat works using Crosswalk or Ludei, we all know there are certain performance limitations (especially when it comes to physics and heavy use of imagery). Some of you are probably aware Facebook have something for creating truly native iOS applications in the form of React Native.

    Through the use of React Native you write applications through a nice API that has similar syntax to React.js. I had an interesting though, would it be possible to use this approach within Construct 2 and make it so we can create applications & games using React Native (or equivalent) then export a native project file to create a truly native game or application, as well as use native iOS libraries and APIs?

    Just a thought I had today that I thought would be great to share.

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  • Hello Digitalsa

    I think it is a great idea actually to use React Native for C2 games,

    Did you manage to use it in the end?

    I can see this post is quite old, so I wonder what did you do about it in the end?



  • React Native is not really anything that would help with Construct 2 games. It's designed for publishing apps, and AFAIK has no provision at all for a canvas-based game with WebGL and Web Audio support, so is probably simply not applicable.

    It's funny you mention specifically physics and imagery as "performance limitations", since those are the two areas that should be almost identical to native performance: physics uses asm.js by default now, so should be close to native CPU processing speed on that, and graphics are rendered by the GPU in the same way a native app would use it, so no performance loss there either.

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