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  • Couple weeks ago, i've done my game called Street kungfu, deveploping with Construct 2 and export to cocoonjs, and the game have a good result in my country after a few day testing it, but the googleplay not yet allow VietNam(my country) to upload the game and making money from it.

    I can not connect to the charging system of a 3rd party in my country(it's the way to make money in my country). They also give me full documentation, API and their SDK but I still do not know how to connect to their system on Contructs 2 and cocoonjs.

    I send an email to ludei, and they said "you can use websockets or the XMLHTTPrequest object to connect with third party APIs you want".

    This is so important for me, i've never done anything like it before and i'm noob at plugin and don't know about how to connect with 3rd API.

    I'll pay the good money for it. For those who can help me with it. If possible, i'll cooperate for those who help me for a long time.

    my mail :

    Or if you interesting, contact with me here, i'll give you the API and any information about 3rd party i want to connect with.

  • Check for the plugin on the forum. offers an IAP. I don't know if there are any region restrictions. But it's worth checking out.

  • thank jayderyu, i'm checked it, but i'm noob at java and plugin etc... So that why i'm in love with construct 2, it's so important for me, if i can connect with the 3rd party API about payment in my country, i'll be so happy that i choose c2... It's the final step to success for me, i get through all the pain and hard work about making game.

  • farsmile90 plugin It's very powerful.

  • I still don't know how to do it... I mean, how can i connect to 3rd party API about payment, charging etc... with construct 2 and cocoonjs, i can can creat game, i see how to make money from it right now, there are a band of publisher ready to take my game if i can connect with their 3rd party payment API, but i can't take it because of my little knowledge about progamming... I'm so sad.

  • Oh, my brother said " because of you don't know how to connect your c2 game to 3rd party plugin, so your game can't make money in Vietnam" and he's rent 3 of stupid guys who know about java and rebuild my game... with a thousand dollar.

    I mean no one in c2 community can help me even i'll pay money for them... So it's impossible to do with c2 ??

    Sorry all, because i'm getting mad right now, i created my game and i'm hard working on it, and someone know about programming take my game, my graphic, my design away and make money from it right in front of my face. It's like a nightmare for me, i know " no one can help you better than yourself", i know that...

  • farsmile90 Construct 2 Plugin

    • In-game Payments

    If you still need help, try to post at this thread.

  • thank rexrainbow, i'll try my best this time. But you don't understand what i needed... force me to use their plugin to creat payment system, but i want to creat my own payment system and connect it with 3rd party API in my country, and the company already have an API and waiting me to connect with.

  •'s C2 plugin is pretty advanced and complete so it's really a good start to learn and create somewhat similar to that. Is the API you're trying to connect is available globally, say through github? I'm curious to know the details, and hopefully can help out.

  • I don't think plugin helps farsmile90 in this. He needs someone to write a custom plugin for him to use his publisher API.

  • Yes, nemo is right...@soybean, I don't think the publisher API i want is globally because it's only support in my country. And it's the best way to make money with game in my country. Something like that ...

    Or register and look in to

    People download my game, and buy the item in game, or unlock stage etc... they'll pay a money in their mobile, and the money in mobile use to calling and talking from people to people.

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  • nemo surely plugin won't help directly. I'm just saying if farsmile90 is about to create a plugin for that particular API, then's plugin will help as a reference.

    farsmile90 Overlooking that part of API, it uses REST so it's not really hard to create a plugin for that.

  • I am new to construct 2 and would like to ask how does API really works? I am a noob in programming though. I would like to send my data to a remote local server ( but i dont have one which results me in using API) .

  • farsmile90 is there English documentation for the API?

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