Change sprite animation speed with a Behavior

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  • Hi,

    I'm making a behavior that's supposed to be attached to Sprite objects.

    I want that behavior to set the animation speed of the sprite once that sprite is created.

    And this is what I do in the behavior:

    	behinstProto.onCreate = function()
    Unfortunately that does nothing, because apparently the sprite object's instantiation/initialization comes after behinstProto.onCreate() and override my setting.
    One solution is to put it in behinstProto.tick() but I don't want to add initialization stuff in the tick function.
    One other hackish solution:
    	behinstProto.onCreate = function()
    		var self = this.inst;
    Do you have a better solution ?
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  • Using a boolean to indicate the first tick and then doing it in the tick function is a cleaner solution to me.

    behinstProto.onCreate = function()
       this.firstTick = true;
    behinstProto.tick = function()
       if (this.firstTick)
          this.firstTick = false;
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