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  • Since I'm back to plugin dev, I'm always stumped as to what to categorize my plugins as.

    Is there a list somewhere with standard category names for plugins and behaviors, just so we don't have to each invent our on category or stick everything in "general"?

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  • The categories are the same that you find in the add plugin dialog.

  • There aren't any standard category names (other than the ones you see in the dialog) because we don't know what plugins people might make!

    What is your plugin and what does it do? If you want to ask for advice I can recommend what I think the best category is.

  • I'm working on a lot of plugins:

    • One saves an area of the canvas as either PNG or JPG, and outputs it as an octet string that you can set as the SRC of an image, or a file you can download.
    • The other attempts to create a "centipede" movement, though I'm not sure how I'll go about making the body sections
    • The other uses predictive aiming to calculate either the angle or X,Y coordinates you need to aim in order to hit a moving object
    • The other loads images dynamically and allows you to replace the frame of an object with the image you just loaded.
    • Another (planned) is a missile movement, where you can have your projectile be guided or not, how sharp a turn it can make, if it preserves inertia or not, and what's its friction (momentum loss over time) or deceleration(if it's not using inertia).

    I like to separate NPC/Object movements from player movements, because it seems more clear that way, so I placed my turret behavior (for instance) in "automatic movements"

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