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  • Hi guys,

    I've just been dipping my toes in the plugin development side of Construct.

    It seems pretty excellent and easy to understand how the "ACES" stuff works. I've written a basic plugin that was very much about doing some complex stuff algorithmic stuff in JS and then responding with conditions and triggers. A little bit of canvas rendering as well. So far so good.

    The prototype I'm building at the moment will need a fair bit of in-game cinematic moments. For example imagine in an adventure game a character interacting with an object and several sprites interacting with animations and movements as a result while the player's control is disabled until the "cinematic" is complete.

    So to do this I imagine a plugin is the best way to go. My questions are regarding the best ways to interact with the rest of the game from a plugin.

    My main question is: how can I query for an instance or all the instances of a class in the game from a plugin?

    Follow up question: And once I have access to an instance, what functions can I call to manipulate its position and current animation? This I can probably research on my own but I just can't find what the best practice is for selecting/querying for instances in the runtime from a plugin.

    I guess in general I've found some good documentation on some parts of the SDK (i.e. the ACES and the canvas) but not much on how to interact with the game world's objects and layers.

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