Anyone interested in a ReactJS plugin and/or have requests?

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  • A few days ago I started getting the ball rolling on a plugin for Construct2 that (hopefully!) will allow you to create ReactJS apps within your Construct projects. I feel pretty strongly that Construct has some potentially awesome applications in non-gamedev projects too, and I'm just wondering if anybody else would seriously be into that, and/or into using React with Construct?

    Also, more importantly, do any of you guys have feature requests for the plugin? Or any ideas on how to make it as awesome as possible, or even just about things I should definitely try to avoid?

    I'm keeping the feature-set a tad basic for starters... It'll be a while before I get around to taking a crack at server-side rendering, for example. But, that being said, I'm pretty stoked about this project, and would love some input from you guys!

    Thanks for reading!


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