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  • Hi There,

    I am new to Construct2 Community.

    I am trying to achieve to create a plugin which is just do a simple math, alert result and return result to game like adding it to an array or to a textbox.

    edittime.js : 
    AddNumberParam("1st Number", "description bla bla");
    AddStringParam("2nd Number", "desc bla bla");
    AddAction(0, af_none, "Do Sum", "SUMZZ", "SUMZZ", "num1 + num2 .....", "DoMath");
    runtime.js : 
    Acts.prototype.DoMath = function (numa,numb)
    		var total = numa+numb;
    		//return total; actualy right now i dont have any idea how to return...
    I added a button to layout and when you click to button i expect see a single alert.. But when i click to button, it keeps showing same alert window non-stop..
    Isnt there a way to run these actions once for every click ?
  • An expression like DoMath(a,b) might be better than an action in this case.

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  • Hey rexrainbow,

    Exp is better idea to return a value i agree..

    On the other hand, On button's click event i want to run an Action. And i want to run it only 1 time instead of forever....

    There must be a trick to run these actions only 1 time

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