How to add newline ("\n") on event sheet?

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  • Could we add newline ("\n") on ACE table?

    Uh, for example, an action could set both speed and angle.

    Original, there is one line.

    Set speed to <i>{0}</i>. Set angle to <i>{1}</i>.

    After adding newline, it could be two lines

    Set speed to <i>{0}</i>. 
    Set angle to <i>{1}</i>.

    I try to add "\n", or "<br> ... </br>", but useless.

  • I think that just creating a new action is the same. C2 works that way after all.

  • Sargas

    Yes, the execution result will be the same.

    Since two (or more) actions are bound in one action, user will never forget one of them, or user does not need to add two (or more) actions from menu.

    Well, it's just an example. My goal is try to add a newline ("\n") in one description of action to make it more readable.

  • Not a bad idea really. The editor can get a bit mangled when you have a lot of expressions. Then there's conditionals oy.

    <code>int(angle(Sprite.Pathfinder.PathX((Sprite.EaseTween.Progress)-1),Sprite.Pathfinder.PathY((Sprite.EaseTween.Progress)-1),Sprite.X,Sprite.Y))>-1 &int(angle(Sprite.Pathfinder.PathX((Sprite.EaseTween.Progress)-1),Sprite.Pathfinder.PathY((Sprite.EaseTween.Progress)-1),Sprite.X,Sprite.Y))<180 ?"bang"&int(angle(Sprite.Pathfinder.PathX((Sprite.EaseTween.Progress)-1),Sprite.Pathfinder.PathY((Sprite.EaseTween.Progress)-1),Sprite.X,Sprite.Y)) :"tang"&int(angle(Sprite.X,Sprite.Y,Sprite.Pathfinder.PathX((Sprite.EaseTween.Progress)-1),Sprite.Pathfinder.PathY((Sprite.EaseTween.Progress)-1)))</code>

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  • Why not make two separate actions? Making one action which does two things is against the design of Construct 2, especially trying to insert newlines, which is never done by any official plugin or behavior.

  • Ashley

    Uh, just a suggestion.

    A very long description might not easy to read, even if it only do one action really.

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