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  • I couldn't find anything about this problem in the forum, which makes me think that it may have something to do with my computer.

    When I was working with zoom in/zoom out I noticed that with the scaling works weirdly with the Point sampling (which I prefer, since I like making retro-style games). It seems like the objects scale in a shaky way when in Point, it isn't really smooth like with the Linear zooming. Here is an example to show exactly what I'm talking about


    When you click, megaman grows very slowly so the problem is visible. It seems like different parts of him scale in different rates... I don't know, really.

    Is not that big of a problem, I just wanted to know why this happens and if there is a solution or any effective workarounds. I tried to do some things with Linear sampling but couldn't do much...


  • That's just how point sampling works; it rounds to the nearest whole pixel, whereas linear sampling anti-aliases the sprite for smoother movement/scaling/rotation. Most 8 or 16 bit games didn't even use scaling spare like..Yoshi's Island or Metroid: Fusion and other GBA/DS games. Definitely not NES Megaman.

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  • Oh, so it's no possible with point...

    I just used megaman so it would be easy to see what the problem was.

    Isn't it possible to do a smooth zooming with crispy pixel-style graphics? Maybe doing it with Linear, but I couldn't figure out how to make the graphics pixelated with linear sampling...

    Thanks anyway, Tokinsom

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