Zooming out can affect performance on mobile?

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  • Since it scales out and get more grafics/objects to be shown at the screen at once I think appear to affect it's performance.

    Thats what I'm doing: I'm using sprites and tiled backgrounds objects with 64x64 resolution and I have the option to scale out(0.7) and scale in(1.0).

    Since the performance of my game isn't 100%, which is based in physics simulation although it's simple and have nothing more than 27(max) objects in each layout, isn't better invert everything? When I say invert, I mean changing the grafics to 32x32 and then my fully normal scale(1.0) would be equivalent to 0.7 of what I have now and then, to scale in I'd stretch the images.

    Summing up:

    What I have now - 64x64 resolutions.

    Normal Scale - 1.0

    Scale in to 1.0

    Scale out to 0.7

    What I would have- 32x32 resolutions.

    Normal Scale - 1.0 (with the appearence of a totally 0.7 zoom out of what I have now)

    Scale in to 1.3

    Scale out to 1.0

    So the question is: will these changes improve the performance of my game on mobiles, or It's a waste of time?

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  • probably you wont notice any difference since the images are already small . i think the performance problems comes from the physics (collisions, object count)

    it also depends on what exactly you trying to simulate and the way you do it also the device and the browser plays a role on performance

    try to test your game on different devices if you still have that problem its probably your events

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