How do I: Zoom smoothly in. different ways

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  • Hello, I will you want to know different ways to: Zoom in

    I know to gently follow a object, But I'll also be nice if I could zoom in to it, and do it smoothly.

    And it doesn't need to be an object, I also want to know how you do it with the scale.

    It also be nice if it object could zoom in to another object but, maybe that's just the same event.

    So if you know some solutions, it would be nice if you, posts a construct2 example,

    or a, image, so I can understand.

    And if you don't no a solution. Well, Have a nice and creative day (◠‿‿◠)


    Note: I have to full version of construct2, it just said Account could not found, so I made a new account.

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