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  • Hello, here with another problem with my tile game. After testing the game on an ipad I came to the horror. The game was just playable. However, this left 7" and lower in the lurch. So I thought why not use zoom.

    And that's where it went all kinds of wacky. Zoom doesn't zoom where pressed, the tiles move right over each other causing wacky behaviour. I'm trying the CanvasToLayer, but that doesn't seem to be working :(

    I would appreciate it if some one can take a look and spot the problem :)


    How it is suppose to work

    * Touching/clicking on the play area starts to zoom in at the point of pressed

    * Release zooms out

    * tiles should remain on there X or Y axis rather than floating anywhere on the board.

    edit: removed easetween behaviour

  • Bump after 2 days, I have found no solution. If anyone can take a look I would appreciate it. Also the current zoom magnifier is the number in the bottom right corner(1,25,50.. in percentages).

    I can't seem to figure this out. Zoom keeps on scrolling to the upper left corner. :(

  • I had a quick look, you have the tileboard anchored to the top-left of the window which is why it seems not to be scrolling. I'll bookmark this and look into it more later(tomorrow) if you haven't got it sorted.

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  • Well I had a go at creating the 'zoom to position' functionality from scratch. It zooms to the point touched without going outside the bounds of the layout:


    That might not be what you want though. Do you want to zoom in so that the touched tile remains under your finger and then be able to drag the tile while zoomed in?

  • Thanks, i'm going to look over this capx today.

    yes, the zoom should move with the dragging tile. so on touch(if zoom is on) the screen zooms to the tile. Then upon dragging the tile. the scroll keeps with the tile.

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