zoom (layerscale) problem with border showing up

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  • Greetings Community,

    This problem really drags me into insanity!

    I want to do a simple map that you can scroll/zoom to

    explore and click interesting points on a list so that

    the map scrolls to this coordinate and shows some info.

    All this is a piece of cake but I can´t get around the

    problem of showing a border when zooming out.

    Here is the stripped project (only zoom and scroll)

    Sorry for the size but the map is somewhat big.


    And here the script:


    Zoom in with the mousewheel up then drag the map

    to the bottom right so that you get to the upper left corner

    of the map.

    Now if you zoom out with mousewheel down the space outside

    the layer gets visible. Thats my problem.

    As soon as you click left mousebutton to drag the map the

    scrolling snaps the view back to bounds and the border

    is not longer visible.

    Is there ANY workaround to this?



  • not sure I'd be able to help but I'll just let ya know your links aren't working on my end.

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  • Hi amfest,

    sorry but I never thought that somebody would reply since I had this question

    a long time ago and then there also was no answer to my problem.

    I solved this particular case with just scaling the layout and not the layer.


    For this project the case is closed for me. For my actual game this is still a problem.

    My answer for now is to create a border around the level that shows the level architecture

    fading out to black. But maybe I will find a better solution on my own.

    If so I will post it here.

    Thank you for the reply anyway! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">



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