Z-order changes after restart layout

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  • I ordered my z-order and everything is fine when I play, but when my player die's and the layout get's restarted the z-order totally gets messed up and everything is then diffrent then it should be, pleas help asap

    Thanks in advance.

  • Either it doesn't work as you are expecting, or its a bug.

    Might want to check out how the Persist behavior works maybe.

  • can you explain this in further detail, because is it your z order, your layout order, or your layer order. the z order just makes it so that in one layer you can change which items are on the top and on the bottom, so lets say i had 2 objects on the same layer and obj 1 goes behind obj 2, in the z order i can change it so that obj 2 goes behind obj 1, but if they are on separate layers than which ever layer is on top will always be on top. i'd need to see an example of what you're talking about.

  • It is the Z-order wich is messed up, I have multiple objects in 1 layer that all have a special place in the z-order bar, all sorted out. but when I use the restart layout event (for when the player dies) The z-order bar just messes up and everything is placed wrong then.

  • Ok, I will try the persist behavior today if I can find some spare time.

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  • i just tried what you were talking about and yeah it might be that you're reseting literally everything in that layout including the order, I use the reset persisted object command in the system menu like newt said.

  • Ok it's fixed now, appereantly the player was recreated by an event that shouldn't be there

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