Z-order bar not affecting layout (license version)

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  • I don't have reason yet to think this is a bug (though I am using the latest beta - r128.2), thus the help request.

    I have two objects that have the same angle and width between two other mobile objects. One has a slightly different height so that it stands out below the other on the Z-axis.

    Because one tests two different things but uses the same information (namely, distance between the two mobile objects), I need them one over the other. However, no matter how much I rearrange them in the Z-axis bar, they always appear in preview mode in the wrong order.

    Is there something to rearranging objects in the Z-axis bar that I'm missing? They're on the same layer, so that's not a problem. I've checked my events... Every tick | Move object 1 behind object 2. And object 1 should, ideally, appear behind object 2 on the layout during preview...except, it's not.

    Any solutions? Something I'm missing?

  • Hey Rhindon,

    Sounds like a problem with the code, can you post a cap.x? Instead of using the Z-axis you could try using layers instead.

  • Sure.


    The objects in question are CanHearRange and LOS, and stretch between objects CharPlayer and CharEnemy...though I have a little bit of fixing to do with the way the CanHearRange object behaves given certain conditions. Right now I'm only worried about getting CanHearRange to appear BELOW LOS. You can find the relevant Events on the ES CharEnemy Event sheet.


  • Just downloading the new version then I'll take a look Rhindon. 20 mins ;)

  • LOL I'll be here.

  • Hey mate I have just been checking it out, are you sure its not working as intended?

    It was kind of hard to see because the colours are similar and the screen size is so small but I changed the 'LOS' to black and 'CANHEAR' to light blue and LOS is definitely on top.

    Maybe I read the request wrong? :)

  • *squints at screen...facedesk* ...oh bother...

    You have helped me instead discover and solve another problem: I must be "blind".

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  • Haha, no worries. Could have just as easily happened to me!

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