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  • I've seen a lot of topics on multiplayer but what I want to do seems like it would be more simple.

    I would like to make a facebook game with turn based interaction via just sending a simple string back and forth. It seems like something in facebook's messaging or chat could be leveraged to accomplish this or maybe theres' a feature in the fbook api I could use for this.

    ... or Kongregate?

    Any ideas?

  • I want it so much too. But I really don't know how to do.

    I think in use some variables with all the information of the turn and update a data bank, but I don't know if this will work.

  • Could this be done with a database, php and ajax?

    Something like (thinking out loud here).

    Database Table:

    Player 1

    Player 2



    In your game.

    Player 1 playing his game.

    Game checks database for PlayersTurn data. If 1, game continues.

    Player 1 plays.

    Turn over, send data to database setting PlayerTurn = 2 and GameString to whatever data you need to send for the other player.

    I'd be happy to do a tutorial on it if you think it would be useful.

  • A tutorial would be great plz!!

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  • YES. I second that. I'd love love love to have a tutorial that would allow that.

    Still there's already a chat client built into FaceBook and already a message system in every social media thing. Your game could tweet everyones moves with a single twitter account...

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