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  • I am trying make a game that integrates level rotation into a 2D platformer setting, where you actually rotate the level in order to solve it. Very similar to And Yet It Moves.

    I have a basic platformer layout with the camera set to Scroll To the player, and found the system action to "Set Layout Angle". This seems to work (although it is an instant transition and I'd rather have it visibly rotate), except that it breaks the ScollTo behavior (once the layout is rotated, the camera no longer follows the player).

    Does anyone have any experience/ideas about implementing this type of mechanic in Construct 2?

  • Have you looked at the example "rotating platformer" which is in the Construct 2 templates and examples when you create a new project?

    It shows you how to set the angle of gravity etc.

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  • Thanks, this looks like what I want! I actually remember looking at this example before, but I completely forgot about it.

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