yes it DOES SO support HTML5 (dropbox vs firefox)

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  • I'm trying to publish a game & upload it to dropbox, but all the tutorials I can find are outdated.

    Is there a forum thread anybody's aware of that deals with this problem I'm having? When I try to play my game by clicking the index.html link in dropbox, I get a black screen saying my browser doesn't support HTML5....but every other HTML5 website I go to works just fine, & all the other Construct2 games I play work just fine. (Of course I've already updated my browser & restarted it with addons disabled. And my game was in a public folder.)

    I just don't know if this is a Firefox problem, a Dropbox problem, or a construct2 problem, or what. I haven't tried it in Chrome or IE yet, because I expect my game to work in all browsers when it's we can cross those other bridges when we get to them.)

    Anyway, if there's a thread already dealing with this, I'd appreciate a finger in the right direction.

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  • Use the public dropbox link of your index.html file and paste it in the URL bar.

    A good idea would be to post it here as well so we can check if there's any issue.

    The tutorials about dropbox should be up to date.

    There is the original and a "revision" that was posted later on.

    And you should also check for errors in your browser.

  • thanks, I had to put this aside for a few other computer blew up & so now I've gotta deal with that.

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