Yep The Scrolling Gap.

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  • I have a problem with the gaps in the scrolling BG. I cant seem to remedy it with the techniques explained on the forums. I was thinking it might be because its scrolling too fast? I have my scrolling stuff in the Ticking group and the conditions group.

    Thanks Computer Friends.


  • Have you tried with a power-of-two texture? That might solve it.

  • Hey Squidster I changed them to 512's like a normal human being and I am still getting that popping gap. The only reason I can think it that there is too much crap going on at once and its processing things too slowly to make it seamless. i wonder if there is a method of keeping it exactly on the last ones butt.

  • I just updated it with adjusted maths and power 2 textures. Ok putting this on the back burner since my rage meter is maxing out. HAHAHHA

  • Well, good luck ;)

  • ok rage meter reset. The problem still persists. I will look outside scirra forums to see if this is a delta time thing or game speed. searching... holler if anyone see the mistakes here.

    Thanks internet friends!!!!

  • Ok I tested out Kyatrics scrolling demo with blue diamonds and sped it up. It seems that at a certain speed that gap starts rearing its ugly head. Smelling for other methods of scrolling gapless.

  • Fascinating.

    (Just curious, why do you need it to scroll so fast? I'm sure many people would find it disorientating.)

    EDIT: Just figured out it's for that love unicorn game. That's probably the most messed up thing I've ever seen <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />.

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  • Perhaps this will help:

    More specifically do this:

    spr_Mountains x<=-768

    ---- spr_Mountains: set x to self.x+768*2

    TiledBackground x<=-256

    ---- TiledBackground: set x to self.x+256*2

    spr_Hills x<=-768

    ---- spr_Hills: set x to self.x+768*2

    spr_Grass x<=-256

    ---- spr_Grass: set x to self.x+512*3

  • so delta time is not needed?

  • My post was about just modifying the group "grp_TilingPieces". Your event elsewhere that moves the sprites with delta time is correct.

  • man still cannot remedy that gappsters. hmmmm i wonder if there is another way to scroll.?

  • I've noticed different thing with very fast scrolling background some time ago (with C2 r81) and yesterday I opened up that project to see how it works after exporting to awesomium.

    Here's html5 version - Trench Run HTML5

    Here's exe version - Trench Run.exe

    Move with arrows

    shoot with space (hold space for powerful shoot)

    On my pc, html version is quite unplayable. Frame rate stay high, but screen is very choppy. At first i though that's the issue caused by those panels/grebbles sprites. I did spawn and delete them on runtime (almost 300 sprites on screen) to create never ending tunnel - spawn on top and destroy after leaving layout. On second attempt I placed them on layout and only move y position to wrap around the screen - doesn't help a bit. On my last attempt (current version) I've converted them to TileBG, 1 Tdb = 9 old sprites, so on screen i have only 6 tilebg's - still no improvement.

    I'm not sure but pretty convinced that is caused by time delta. I could be wrong, but remember doing some test without dt and screen moves a lot smoother - but speed was different due to frame rate difference.

    With exe there's no issue at all, runs very smoothly.

  • Thanks for the very helpful unformation Shinkan! I will check out awesomium and maybe I will just remove dt for this game and see how it functions. Thank a lot!!!

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