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  • Is it possible to get the x,y coordinates of an instanced object's image point(s) on the layout?

    What I'm trying to do : In the game you can place rectangular objects (construction) and I want to save the coordinates of 4 positions within each newly placed object to be referenced later by storing them in an array.

    I thought about having a toggle for when the object is first placed, which spawns a new placeholder object on each image point and saving their coordinates before destroying them but it seemed inefficient.

    Hence the question, is there a way to get the coordinates of instanced image points?

    My apologies for confusion in the explanation, will clarify if needed

  • Yes of course



    gives you the image point 1 location of sprite.

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  • sprite.imagepointx(1) and sprite.imagepointy(1)

    1 being the index of the image point, so sprite.imagepointx(0) will give back sprite.x

  • thanks guys! Now to figure this mess out..

  • Or by name:



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