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  • I'm trying to add a level up system to my game, and I'm looking for a XP formula example which makes it harder to level as you gain levels.

    I've tried all sort of things, either it says my Level is Infinity or NaN.

    I can fill in all the parameters myself, I just need a template of a working xp progression.

    I tried exponential curve wiki page, that didn't wokr, lol.

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    add last two values together. Been using this for YEARS.

    Also you can use exponential to level

    1 = 1

    2 = 4

    3 = 9

    4 = 16

    5 = 25

    been using this one for a while too.

    It's important to determine your range. Higher levels best use linear increases. less level should use curved increases.

  • So I have a global variable XP and global variable Level.

    I want generate a formula which calculates the XP needed for a specific level exponentially, so I don't have to input each level manually, and just in-case I choose to add more levels in later, it would be easier.

    I've tried Int((XP/250)^Level), which caused the Level to be set to Infinity.

    Basically, I want to create a formula that specifies a growth rate, and calculates my xp needed per level based on that.

  • Doesn't Level^Level work ?

    You could do the base Xp and multiply that by the current level ...

    BaseXP : 10 ; Level: 5

    Xp needed ... 50

  • Okay. I have setup a formula to calculate and increase you level every set amount of exp.

    I also have a XpNeeded and a LastXpNeeded globals.

    Want I want to know is, how do I set my LastXpNeeded to the last value before Xpneeded changed.

    For example. I'm level 5, my XpNeeded is...lets say 500, I level up to level 6, and it becomes 600.

    At this point I want XpNeeded to equal 600, and LastXPNeeded to equal 500 (that last value of Xpneeded)

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