XML Xpath issue with Internet Explorer.

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  • I'm wondering if maybe this is a C2 bug so I'll post it here for now.

    For some reason when I use an XML XPath expression with the asterisk attribute, nothing shows up on Internet Explorer, this same expression works in Chrome and Firefox. (See the provided .capx)

    Additionally, if I use an online XPath evaluation tool with the same expression, it shows the correct result in Internet Explorer. That's why I'm wondering if either I'm doing something wrong or it's a bug with C2.

    This is tested with the latest stable and beta C2 version and IE11. What do you think?

  • NodeCount with your xpath seems to show the issue is not the asterisk, since it returns 1. Try adding a "/text()" to your xpath, it should select all the text under the node.

  • That actually worked, thanks.

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  • Would you be willing to share the file that worked? I am having a difficult time getting XML to load in IE and Windows Phone.

  • Thank you korbaach. I downloaded each of the files and tested in all of installed browsers.

    Chrome - Working

    IE11 - Not Working - Contents of the xml file do not load

    Edge - Not Working - Contents of the xml file do not load

    I appreciate the direction.

    Any recommendations? I am trying to build a game that uses an xml file for the questions/answers. Everything was working fine until I tried to build the game for Windows Phone.

    It was then that I realized that IE, desktop and Windows Phone, have this known issue.

    I was considering re-writing everything using a .txt but then I dont think I can use and ID field to query the file. I would hate to build a single Layout for each of the 200 questions that I am going to have in the game.

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