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  • This almost works

    BUT simply cant figure out how to trigger the next Q in xml


    Here is the capx [attachment=0:2sdujqu7][/attachment:2sdujqu7]


  • Hi, please try it now. note that I added the function object to the project

    Also it might be better to restructure your xml





    Then it is more reliable to compare the string rather than indexes as all the nodes don't have unique identifiers.

    Then you can check answer with:

    if (XML.StringValue("//question//correct/text()") == "paris")

    And try to use both ' and "... i don't think this is nested correctly: "/questions/question"

  • JUST - GREAT ... thanks

    I see that your function easy gives me the possiblity to add

    more answers

    I would like to optimize the xml as you suggest, and Ive done

    the xml as you show - but cant figure out when to use the

    [quote:3b0fqn6j]Then you can check answer with:

    if (XML.StringValue("//question//correct/text()") == "paris")

    hope you get time to give it a look

  • I haven't looked at the capx yet.



    the "correct" value = paris

    you set one answer button's text to paris

    So when the user clicks on a button, you read the button's text value and compare it to the "correct" tag's contents so if they are both == paris, then it is true, else false

    hope that makes sense... its getting late

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  • OKAY .. See our point, just cant get it work

    Ohhh --- another timezone

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