How do I do Xml and Array Mapping ?

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  • Well, the reason for my question is i don't have a development background. i want to set my game levels with the help of array mapping and tiles. I know i can use tiled map editor inbuilt in construct 2 but for new level i need to make new layout and eventually it will increase the file size too!

    My knowledge so far!

    I can use array manually, ex- i know how to set each array values and spawn tiles on it set frame number according array value. I also know that i can upload xml file in project folder and call through Ajax.

    What i want to learn -

    How to pick all values from xml file and set them accordingly to array i have created?


    If i have called project file in xml how can use to set new level using same tile set.

    What i am expecting as help!

    I expecting study materiel on xml and array mapping and how i can implement them in construct 2, also an example capx would be great.

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  • I have read that and i know how to parse them, but that's not the complete answer still my problem is the same with collecting all those parsed values and putting them into array!

    anyway thanks for the effort!

    i have sent a mail to rexrainbow, as this was derived by his tmx importer but i lost that capx file and now he has updated it. I hope he might answer me if he is not busy too much!

  • I need to do this also!... Any answer around?

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