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  • Hey guys, I have this capx file and I am having a little trouble with my XML. Something is wrong with my AJAX calling the XML I think. Can someone take a looksypoo at this? I feels right on my body but doesnt feel write in code. CHEERS MATES!


    If you check out the CAPX I have corrected it according to ramones help! Thanks ramones!

  • A number of problems:

    1. You need an 'AJAX: On completed' event so

       [1]System: On start of layout

            AJAX: Request project file

       [2]AJAX: On completed

            XML: Load document from AJAX.LastData

    2. Load XML document from string AJAX.LastData (not "AJAX.LastData"... no quotation marks)

    3. In the XML file: version="1.0" (you shouldn't have double quotation marks)

    4. Make sure tag names match: <Actor></Actors>, <Monster></Monsters>

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  • Oh snnnnaaappp! I was way off thanks ramones! Will adjust my sheet accordingly.

  • Fixed now! Check the capx above to see fix in the event sheet and xml file. thanks ramones.

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