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  • Hello everyone,

    I've got a problem maybe you can figure it out.

    I made my project for IOS with CocoonJs...works grate!...smooth fps of 60/62 FPS. It's even uploaded on App Store. Now I am trying to make it for android. (construct-export android-xdk-android crosswalk). Very low FPS with the .apk generated by XDK. I couldn't belive it! After all I read in Construct forums that it's the best. For me it dosen't work although my project is small arround 15mb. Any other way to export to Android besides XDK? I can't find any tutorial or anything on Forums about another way. Only Ejecta for IOS and CocoonJs...but Cocoonjs for android dosen't work...it broked my hole project sprites flying everywhere. Not good.

    P.S. In XDK the only options I have with the latest update I did 2 days ago are:

    Cordova3.x hybrid-Croswalk for Android/Android....I've tested both__low FPS

    Legacy Hybrid-Android ( I don't now the difference but I've tested with this one alsoand it's worse then the Cordova option)

    I instaled the apk I got via email from XDK with Package installer wich was already on my android mobile. Could this instaler be the reason?

    Any idea would help a lot. Maybe others have similar problemes. If not what you did? I mean what settings should be done in XDK to work at a decent FPS. The way it looks now I could never publish my project on google play.

  • Here is my project...I'm realy excited about it. I whish I could build it for Android too. I want to make it free on both platforms before Christmas so people could play it and have fun

  • On what android mobile did you test this game?

    There's only two options:

    • Your mobile is to old
    • Your events are not optimized well.
  • I tested on LG-E460 with Android 4.1.2 version on it.

    It's not that old. I bought it last year.

    When I test with XDK in the emulator everything works grate but when I generate the build it's not working smooth anymore (when I install the .apk on my phone)

    I did optimized my game. I followed all the tutorials on optimization. That's how I got my game working for IOS at 60 FPS. I even bought a IPhone 5s to test for IOS and I'm not rich. But I really want to make games so I do everything I can to make it happen. It's really frustrating to get stuck at the end when I try to make a simple build.

    What sort of optimization I have to do for XDK?

    Is there another way of exporting for Android without using XDK?

    My game is a simple one. If I can't make this work on Android what should I expect when I will make a more complex one with Construct? I spent one year to make this simple code. It wasn't that simple for me 'cose I had no idea how programing works and I had to learn everything. I read all the tutorials and all the posts on Forum thread. Trust me. Before I write a post I read everything first.

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  • I have the same problem, but I dont know how can solve this. Including exports of games for android devices are very bad, even if they are optimized. I really do not know what I'm doing wrong.

  • - are you sure you are building for Crosswalk? We see bad performance on regular Android builds and Legacy builds, but not crosswalk. If you are, can we see your project to debug performance issues?

  • Tku imaffett, I had exported in standard android, however, with the crosswalk feature, the file with 1.2 mb got 30 mb, what can have happened?

  • Try to use these project settings

  • - this is because we are replacing the standard webview with Crosswalk, which is based off the Chrome browser. We are looking into getting a "shared" approach for Crosswalk (installed once on a device and used by every app).

  • Do you use the AdMob Plugin? A missconfiguration of banner ads cause a FPS drop of 20 Frames/s.

    You can fix this with that tutorial.


    Just scroll down till 'Fix Lags'. I had the same issue and my game only runs with 40 FPS. Then I made these changes and it runs now with 60 FPS

  • ...

  • Yes DeXVinogradov, I tried it.

    AndreasR, I added Admob but did not change anything in fps, but in mb the apk get huge.

    And imaffett, In the future this may change? It is disappointing

  • tku 4 your reply!

  • Yes DeXVinogradov, I tried it.

    AndreasR, I added Admob but did not change anything in fps, but in mb the apk get huge.

    And imaffett, In the future this may change? It is disappointing

    Try to build it without using a banner ad. You can draw the FPS to a text element 'Every Tick' 'Set Text to FPS'

    Then you see the diffrent in the perfomance.

    It's a known problem that banner ads drop FPS about 20 FPS.

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