How do I use Xcode to upload an Intel XDK .ipa file

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  • Hi everyone,

    As Application Loader seems to mess with the IAP in my game, I would like to start using Xcode. However, I've been unable to find any tutorial explaining the basics of this program in combination with the XDK (I found only CocoonJS and Ejecta)

    Is there any tutorial out there that I overlooked?

    Or else could someone point me out the basics?

    Google seems to give only only Xcode 4 results, and I'm on Xcode 6.3.1


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  • its impossible because intel xdk only gives you a complied (and signed) IPA so you can't change anything on xcode

    you can only send it directly by application loader to itunes connect

    cocoonjs and ejecta provides youa xcode project si you can manipulate it on xcode

    you waste your time by using intel xdk and his poor performance

    you can done your game and send it to itunes connect in only 30 mn using ejecta and it have good performance and all things seem to work with it (IAP, gamecenter,admob, iAd etc ....)

    and what about store listing error , success ?

  • matrixreal

    Ooookay... Thanks for the info, so I won't lose my time on trying to import my iap into Xcode.

    Actually I've got perfect performance with intel XDK. Well, the game don't even run on an iPhone 4S (iPhone 5 minimum) so it limits the performance problem, but on the devices it runs on, it runs perfectly.

    Now I eventually may be able to make the game to run on an iPhone 4S using Ejecta, so it's worth trying. However, I guess I read in a tutorial that Ejecta wasn't allowing interstitial ads. Is it true?

    Store listing is still unsuccessful, outside of very, very basic tests, and only with C2 IAP (Phonegap IAP always fails even on very basic projects in which C2 IAP succeed).

    I'll try to switch to another export mode (Ejecta) and see how it goes. Thanks for the reply!

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