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  • my question will be about performance

    info on the project:

    game’s for desktop only, window size is 640, 360

    a character size is 17, 52 pixels, platformer

    i have this NPCMask obj with its AI events set, and this is how i plan to deal with its visuals

    to every NPCMask, “NPCBaseSprite” is attached with “every 0.01 sec, set position to” logic

    Within that base sprite will be “male, female, old, child” animation stripes

    these animations will be assigned to each NPC mask according to their “overProfile” instance variable, which will define if the NPC is old, female etc, like:

    if npc is walking,

       >if overProfile is “old”

          <start walkOld animation stripe on NPCBaseSprite

       >if overProfile is “female” etc.

    so i’ll have 4 whole sets of animations inside this “BaseSprite” object, from punchFemale to runChild - (i dont condone violence to women, that name just seems weird is all<3)

    all of the above is a “must” cause the game is all about lively towns, my question is, as i’ll have like 40 npcs on the largest level (with a small window size - we’ll see like 4-5 npcs at a time, max) - how taxing on performance would this selection of animation sprites in branching fashion be, and is there a smarter way? i especially ask cause i want to know if i can add, not a “must” but “nice to have” addition TO this

    i want to make another variable to the NPCMask, “underProfile” which will have 3 values, and they will define each overProfile’s visual sub category, things like hair additions, hats dresses etc, all as 3 sets each. Most of it transparent, just some costume and hair additions on the animation frames

    so now we have on top of NPCMask, an NPCBaseSprite, and for this underProfile thing i want to add NPCCosmetics, both BaseSprite and Cosmetics objects attached to NPCMask with “every 0.01 sec, set position to” logic

    if npc is walking,

       >if overProfile is “old”

          <start walkOld animation stripe (for NPCBaseSprite)

          >if underProfile is “2”

             <start walkOld2 animation stripe (for NPCCosmetics)

    which will mean on this “Cosmetics” sprite object, i will have 12 whole fuken sets of animations, jumping, crouching punching… seems like im asking for a bad surprise at project end.

    in accordance to expert opinion about performance impact of this method; i might add “ColorReplace” effect on NPCCosmetics, and randomize each hair, skirt etc color at layout start - then ill truly achieve a visually dynamic town

    2 things that seem counter intuitive for performance to me as an amateur:

    1- having 3 objects welded together as NPCs every 0.01 sec, and having 40 of these NPC sets at the same time on “city level” (biggest level on the game) (NPCMask wont be visible in game though, obv)

    2- having loads of animation sprites on a single sprite object, even though only one of the sets will be used per NPC

    i suppose i can also have different masks and event chunks and different sprites for each “overProfile” instead of this singular method, but i dont know which would be more performance friendly

    can someone just tell me “naaah, ur worrying too much my dude! Knock yourself tf out, hell, make 5 underProfile visuals for those NPCs!”


    all wisdom is appreciated

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  • naaah, ur worrying too much my dude! Knock yourself tf out, hell, make 5 underProfile visuals for those NPCs!

    Seriously, it should be fine.

    Don't use "every 0.01s", this is less than 1 frame duration. Use "Every tick" or you can simply pin sprites with animation to your NPCMask sprite.

    Also, it may be easier (less messy) to have different sprites for male, female, child etc. Add them all to a family "NPC" and you can control them all as instances of one object. Different sprites can also save some memory on levels where you don't have all NPC types. But there is nothing wrong in doing this your way (with all animations in one sprite), and there should be no big difference performance wise.

    You can try a stress test before you start making the game - put several animated sprites the size of your NPCs on the layout, add Bullet behavior. Make 40 copies of them, and see what what numbers you'll get for FPS and CPU utilization.

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