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  • hello all.

    i am still working on my freeway clone and i have got alot of help here and i thank everybody.

    i am still haveing one little issue. the background is set up like a five lane highway. 5 lanes on bottom and five on top. the cars on the bottom come in and travel from the left. i want the top 5 lanes to come in from the right. so the bottom starts left and travels right, i want the top to start right but travel left, but i cant seem to find how to do that. i have changed angles, and that makes the cars travel in the direction i want but it turns the car sprite upside down. i would appreciate any help.

    thank you all.


  • You can use the "Set flipped" and "Set mirrored" actions to flip or mirror frames.

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  • one way to do it would be to create 2 temp variables on the cars

    And have the animation flip when variable A>B or not flip when B<A

    You will need to set an event like every tick:variable A=car.x, wait like 0.5sec and b=car.x

    This should work....

  • Are you using the "bullet" behaviour for the movement?

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