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  • Hi guys,

    If i want automatic write text like :

    Text Hi

    Text annananana

    In sequence and 1 letter at 0.1 second how i can do ?

    i find that but is only 1 event http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15217362/typewriter.capx

  • This plugin by Rex is what your looking for: http://c2rexplugins.weebly.com/rex_text_typing.html

    If that plugin doesn't seem to work for you, try this link: typewriter-text-effect_t63552

  • You may use a variable to stock your "desired text" :

    Variable : textToWritte

    If this variable is not empty, write the first caractere and keep the rest

    textToWritte is different to "" : 
    DestText append text : left(textToWritte, 1)
     textToWritte set to right(textToWritte, len(textToWritte)-1) [/code:3lc1q8i3]The last line will take the lenght of the textToWritte ( "len(textToWritte" ) and will replace it by himself-1 
    And that all ^^ i have just add some button to test it and a button to clear the text
    If you want to writte something, just and an action : set textToWritte to "Hello"
    But i have decide to upgrade it by making an "attente list" : 
    when you want to writte something, if my variable isn't full, just add the text behind the other :
    if textToWritte is different to "" : textToWritte set to textToWritte + "Hello"
     your new capx [code:3lc1q8i3]https://www.dropbox.com/s/y52at1wl2n7okxd/typewritter.capx?dl=0[/code:3lc1q8i3]
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  • MisterAqua , yes i know how do, but see :

    2 text : SourceText1 : HI SourceText2: Bye

    container text : Destext

    when sprite1 variable is "1" : sub conditions : Destext : set text left(Sourcetext.Text,len(Destext.Text)+1)

    Now i want write text sourcetext2 - 3 - 4 ecc how i can without botton, but when first finish start second ecc ?

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