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  • if i have an object that the camera is scrolling too, is it impossible to use wrap as well? cause when I have them together and i got the screen wonkyness can happen, mostly jitteryness and it never really wraps if ever...ideally it would be seemless?

    Anyone know how to make a bit one sprite go from left of the world to the right of the world and yet keep the camera scrolling left.

    This might be just impossible to do or some way to fake it without the wrap not sure as it seems the wrap functionality was intended for one screen ?

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  • Ya im having the same problem. I have a doodle jump character and he is even wrapping from the top to bottom which i don't want only the sides of the screen. I don't know how to turn this off either lol

  • Hey Im not sure if this might be there reason for your camera shaking. Do you have a multiple layers? if so then if one of your backgrounds has any type of parallax values on them they will compensate for your character wrapping around which makes it seem like its shaking. Since the view is centered on scroll to which is your character not the background. I turned off the parallax for the background images and the shaking stopped. but for some reason my character still wraps around from the top of the screen even thought he never left the layout. is there a bug here??? I hope that helps you out. worst come to worst with a bit of math and some of the expression that come with constuct you should be able to make a formula using the players position relative to the position of either the layout or the window. Look at my question about bounce and jump through he explains how to get the position of the edge of the window. Although I'm not sure if that's correct.

  • I do have multiple layers but I want parallax... i wish it made it like continuous which probably wouldn't be trivial to do. Oh well...

    maybe ill just lock down the world.

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